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Pure Food Essentials


Derived from the resin of a giant fennel plant, it has a particularly strong odour which is due to sulphur compounds in its volatile oil.  It is only grown in Afghanistan, Iran and India where it is highly valued for its medicinal properties.

As it cooks, its strong smell mellows, and is replaced with the smell and flavours of onion and garlic. It’s a useful spice for those who can’t tolerate onion or garlic and the consequent gas and strong breath.

Asafoetida is packed with health benefits and is an alternative to garlic and onion making it an ideal option for FODMAP diet plans.

Traditionally used for the treatment of diseases such as asthma, epilepsy, stomach-ache, flatulence, intestinal parasites, weak digestion and influenza.

Free from GMO's, synthesised fertilisers, pesticides and gluten

INGREDIENTS: Natural arrowroot starch, natural asafoetida (ferula assa-foetida).

WARNING: Always check with manufacturer for allergy concerns.

Chemicals called coumarins in asafoetida can thin the blood, use with caution in combination with blood thinning medications.


Pure Food Essentials

Pure Food Essentials

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