Berringa Australian Super Manuka 120+ MGO 500g


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Berringa’s 100% Australian Manuka Honey MGO120+ is a mild strength bioactive honey suitable for everyday use.  It is antibacterial and contains natural enzymes and antioxidants.  It may be a natural alternative to refined sweeteners and is perfect as an additive for foods and drinks, or it can be taken by itself. 

Like all Berringa’s antibacterial Manuka Honey, each batch is tested by independent NATA accredited laboratories, so you can be sure when it says MGO120+ the methylglyoxal level is at least that.

Honey not available for WA.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Australian Manuka Honey from Leptospermum plants

MGO mg/kg 120+ (at bottling)
*MGO (Methylglyoxal) tested at NATA laboratories

WARNING: Contains honey. Always contact manufacturer for allergy concerns. Due to WA government regulations, this product is not available for sale in WA. Not suitable for infants under 12 months old. Pure natural honey may vary in colour and texture and some crystallisation may also occur naturally.

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