Spiral Tamari Salt Reduced 500ml


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Salt Reduced Tamari contains less than 8.5% salt and contains half the salt content of other types of soy sauce. This sauce can be enjoyed by health conscious consumers looking to reduce their salt intake. Use as a dipping sauce for sushi and sashimi, teriyaki or as a seasoning for crackers or steamed dishes.

Soy sauce is a popular Japanese seasoning. There are many varieties of soy sauces, including Shoyu and Tamari. These soy sauces have distinct differences in ingredients, history and flavour. Our producers, Yamahisa, still use the traditional method of natural fermentation in open cedar vats, even playing music to the fermenting sauce to ensure a better product.

Source: Japan

INGREDIENTS: Whole soybeans, filtered water, sea salt.

WARNING: Always check with manufacturer for allergy concerns.

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