Walkabout Australian Raw Honey 1kg


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All our honey is essentially raw… But, if you want your honey with wax, pollen, bee bits and all, then this is for you. We don’t strain anything out, so it will usually be cloudy or crystallised, depending on how long it has been since it was extracted. Our Raw line changes with the seasons and is rarely the same variety from month to month so it also gives you a chance to taste the freshest honey at that time of the year.

All family members are involved in the different aspects of  the business whether we are rearing queen bees, harvesting honey, producing beeswax candles or Mead. On market  days it is all hands on deck and the Grandchildren often get  involved too.Bees have taught us to be a close family, to work  harmoniously and productively to meet our collective  goals. They have taught us patience, provided reward in  good seasons and offered solace in hard years. Our bees  are the greatest teachers in our lives and a daily link to the environment in which we live.

An abundance of native flora keeps our bees healthy. Knowing when and where to access good flora ensures our bees maintain the best possible condition.
The reward for looking after our bees is the great honey they produce and it is Victoria’s North East bushland that holds the key to Walkabout Apiaries success.

Our bees produce honey from the tall flowering eucalypts of the High Country down to the mighty Red Gums of the Ovens, King & Murray Rivers.

Understanding bee behaviour, health & nutrition is the first step to being a good beekeeper.

Its when you get all that right that you get the satisfaction of hearing the hum of 50,000 bees working together as they collect, share and store their sweet smelling nectar.

Honey not available for WA.

WARNING: Contains honey. Always contact manufacturer for allergy concerns. Due to WA government regulations, this product is not available for sale in WA.

Pure natural honey may vary in colour and texture and some crystallisation may also occur naturally.

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